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Social Media is the Game Changer

In previous generations business marketing their brand/services through one way communication ~ Newspapers, Magazines and etc.

Social Media allows business to establish two way communication between brand followers.

Social Media offers:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Developed loyal fans
  • Generated leads Improved search ranking
  • Grow business partnerships
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • Improved sales

Before deciding on what social platform to use, you must first establish the demographic you want to reach. Different groups of the population use different platforms for different reasons.

1334098615_034ecf98fb8442224372017246526c9b.gifDemographics – the statistical data of a population,especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.








1 billion users

Founded in 2004

Most popular with: 25 to 34 year old users –  the most common age demographic

brands, products, businesses values are maximized by customers liking, comment, sharing and the content is the most downloaded on mobile apps.



200 million users

launched in 2006

Most popular with millennials & young professionals – the most common demographic

80% of twitter active users are on mobile phones.

Twitter has a significant growth in all age groups since its launch in 2006

People on twitter post updates, photos , links and videos and they are happening.

Twitter provides two way connections with customers and vendors, partners and employees.

  1. Quickly respond to issues  and increase your brand exposure
  2. Build brand loyalty
  3. Reward long- standing customers

Twitter is a open network that customers can monitor business products and ideas.

Sales and Marketing teams it allows businesses to engage with customers, latest news, products and content.

For Brands: Twitter offers different features like Twitter list that allows businesses to know what people are saying about your business, industry and competitors.





Unique as it is a Mobile social network – Originally available only Iphones

Users take pictures or videos on smartphones and choose filter to set mood and share with followers.

launched in October 2010

Acquired by facebook in 2012, became available to on android.

Most popular with 18 – 29 year old users.

150 million monthly actives

60% outside of USA

16 Billion photo shared

1.2 Billion likes daily

55 million average photos per day

Provides business tremendous opportunity to connect with millions of users.

Using instagram businesses can connect, share brands, culture and products.

Instagram users can get behind the scenes to follow brand activity.

Businesses can tag with location – to allow potential clients to follow them.

Brands add #hashtags to photos to allow more users to discover content.

Overview: Instagram allows user to connect to businesses through compelling images.





Combines social sharing  and blogging platform

Most popular with: 13 – 19 year old users –  the most common age demographic

1 out of 2 tumblr users accesses the website with a mobile device.

Teens consider it their favorite social network

100 million post per day

Tumblr allows brands to cultivate users into early brand loyalist.

Tumblr allows users:

  1.  Follow other blogs and re-blog.
  2. Browse through different categories of post to discover new content
  3. Share creativity and thoughts with followers

Brands can tell story through text, links, videos and more.

Brands can engage with tumblr community by liking and following blogs of fans to learn more about them.

Since tumblr is viral social network businesses can use tumblr to host company blogs.

Brands can  use the tumblr platform for sales and marketing departs to share photos of new products, infographics and other promotional content.

HR department can use tumblr to highlight company culture to potential job seekers.

Overview: Tumblrs ease of use, viral nature active users base provides business with a powerful publishing platform.




World’s largest video sharing network

Second largest search engine

top 3rd website worldwide

Founded in 2005

Acquired by google in 2005

Youtube has over 100 hr of video uploaded every minute

Videos seen by 1 billion unique visitors each month

Youtube reach more US adults 18-34 year old users than any other cable network.

Youtube is a valuable promotional tool for a small business.

Youtube has the the ability to connect businesses with a enormous audience

Google analytics can track performance of page video views, engagement and demographics.

Youtube can be the effective tool to educate users about products and services by sales teams

Video teasers can generate excitement about upcoming products by marketing teams.

Youtube annotations get users to view more content, increase community education and increase subscribers.

Overview: Youtube can empower viewers and subscribers to promote your brand.




World’s largest professional network

Founded in 2003

Students and recent grads make up linkedin’s fastest growing demographic.

Find colleges, friends, experts and explore new opportunities.

Profile is discoverable through millions of searches done daily.

Linkedin  profile stands as an online resume, expertise and education.

In order to stay competitive you can research individuals and companies.

Users can use premium memberships to expands leads and zero in on people outside your network.

Linkedin company pages allow companies to connect with the largest group of jobseekers, customers and more.

HR teams can use linkedin’s cast network of professional to promote your company  page job opportunities.

Sales reps can engage people in their particular industry.

Marketing teams can create brand awareness on their company pages and encourage customers to endorse their service.

Overview: A linkedin company page is a valuable tool to connect to millions of potential customers, as well as other businesses.



70 million users

Founded in 2010

2.5 million monthly page views

Largest percentage of female users compared to other social network platforms. ( Female demographic

It’s a great place to  target female users for specific products.

Pintrest allows users to organize video & photos in personalized collection known as pinboards.

  1.  Users can create pinboards from design inspirations and favorite products.
  2. Users interact by commenting or liking boards

Brands are empowered to learn about passions of their community.

HR teams can create boards highlighting company culture.

Marketing teams can create boards showcasing new products.

Overview: Pintrest allows users and brands to share things they love creating and form a deeper connection between them.


introduction to social media marketing

reference: hootsuite university.