Going for the Dream full throttle Geek-Style


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I completed my web development program at Winter Park Tech last week. Yes, I learned some Web design fundamentals and that would be enough for a lot of people.

But, accepting less than extraordinary isn’t my style.

My new step is to enroll in back end/ software engineer development bootcamp and fulfill my other educational goals.

Guess what, you can’t just get into any bootcamp, you have to prove yourself and your abilities to be accepted.

Some schools want you to pass test with your knowledge of Ruby/ Javascript or whatever language that they feel is important for a potential student to know.

Plus, write a essay, why you should be chosen as a student…. The application process is rigorous.

Here are some links for Javascript that the schools offer students to brush up on their java script skills.








Ruby Resources:


There are so many great schools for backend development/ software engineers/ data scientist. Whether you bootcamp/ get a computer science degree or do both…

Be ready Winter Park Techies…





Securing the position that you want


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I have been studying Web Development this year and I have acquired many skill sets. Now, I am looking for a full time position.


What, I discovered is an informative coversheet helps with stirring up employment interest. Talking about your personality, outside interest and skills gives employers a positive overview of you. They can determine from your description, if you will be a great fit in their current company culture.


Uploading your resume to employment websites is very important in making contacts with businesses that are hiring.


Adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile is a great for networking and applying for positions on that platform.


The most important thing is to remain confident in yourself and your ability, as an entry-level employee.


Some solid job search websites that I recommend are:






These are the skills which are in demand for 2016 and the skills which have become less demanding.

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Periscope – the new frontier for marketing brands in 2016


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Intro to live streaming with periscope…

Periscope allows viewers to see live video of you and send hearts to the content that they enjoy viewing


After joining Periscope , the music-streaming service posted a behind-the-scenes video with Irish folk singer Conor O’Brien from the band Villagers.

During the live stream, 382 viewers tuned into the live stream, racking up 1,534 hearts—the equivalent of “liking” something on Facebook.

As of 6 p.m. last night, the video had been replayed 99 times and received 255 hearts.

Mountain Dew
The Pepsi-owned brand used the app on Thursday afternoon to create a short video titled “Stop by to say what’s up.”

The short clip showed a girl spelling out the word “Swag” on a chalkboard with a table full of branded T-shirts and hats in front of it.

Red Bull
The energy drink is almost always one of the first commercial entities to experiment with new social platforms, and Periscope is no exception.

Red Bull is testing out the social-video app during Miami Music Week this weekend. The brand will live stream events happening at its Red Bull Guest House. Social content will also be pushed out via Twitter and Snapchat.

DKNY’s social account gave viewers a look into its fashion closet on Thursday, shortly after announcing it had opened an account via Twitter.

Fashion brands already regularly employ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give folks a peek into its world, so it’s likely that fashion-minded marketers will embrace Periscope.

Advertisers are already joining periscope trying to capture the attention of the general public.

This is a new valuable tool for web designers to have their clients live stream about their products/ brands.


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How, I went from Zero to 250 in 4 months on linkedin

Join Linkedin: Its a powerful tool for networking with like minded professionals.


Build a vast network: add classmates, alumni, business associates and experts that you admire to your Linkedin.  (You can learn a lot about the steps to achieving success from looking at someone’s career steps on Linkedin.


Join  organizations that you are interested in: Adobe group  to whatever professional group suits you.


Identify global leaders: Linkedin allows you to follow pioneers of different career fields. Reading their post and making comments is a great way to grab attention of others. ( for example. I follow Richard branson, he has some of the best business tips for business growth and personal development on Linkedin.


Share content of your own: Linkedin has a lot in common with wordpress, in that you can blog/post different content.

Never stop posting: You never know who is watching your actions and will contact you about a internship or future position.



Intro to social media platforms


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Social Media is the Game Changer

In previous generations business marketing their brand/services through one way communication ~ Newspapers, Magazines and etc.

Social Media allows business to establish two way communication between brand followers.

Social Media offers:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Developed loyal fans
  • Generated leads Improved search ranking
  • Grow business partnerships
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • Improved sales

Before deciding on what social platform to use, you must first establish the demographic you want to reach. Different groups of the population use different platforms for different reasons.

1334098615_034ecf98fb8442224372017246526c9b.gifDemographics – the statistical data of a population,especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.








1 billion users

Founded in 2004

Most popular with: 25 to 34 year old users –  the most common age demographic

brands, products, businesses values are maximized by customers liking, comment, sharing and the content is the most downloaded on mobile apps.



200 million users

launched in 2006

Most popular with millennials & young professionals – the most common demographic

80% of twitter active users are on mobile phones.

Twitter has a significant growth in all age groups since its launch in 2006

People on twitter post updates, photos , links and videos and they are happening.

Twitter provides two way connections with customers and vendors, partners and employees.

  1. Quickly respond to issues  and increase your brand exposure
  2. Build brand loyalty
  3. Reward long- standing customers

Twitter is a open network that customers can monitor business products and ideas.

Sales and Marketing teams it allows businesses to engage with customers, latest news, products and content.

For Brands: Twitter offers different features like Twitter list that allows businesses to know what people are saying about your business, industry and competitors.





Unique as it is a Mobile social network – Originally available only Iphones

Users take pictures or videos on smartphones and choose filter to set mood and share with followers.

launched in October 2010

Acquired by facebook in 2012, became available to on android.

Most popular with 18 – 29 year old users.

150 million monthly actives

60% outside of USA

16 Billion photo shared

1.2 Billion likes daily

55 million average photos per day

Provides business tremendous opportunity to connect with millions of users.

Using instagram businesses can connect, share brands, culture and products.

Instagram users can get behind the scenes to follow brand activity.

Businesses can tag with location – to allow potential clients to follow them.

Brands add #hashtags to photos to allow more users to discover content.

Overview: Instagram allows user to connect to businesses through compelling images.





Combines social sharing  and blogging platform

Most popular with: 13 – 19 year old users –  the most common age demographic

1 out of 2 tumblr users accesses the website with a mobile device.

Teens consider it their favorite social network

100 million post per day

Tumblr allows brands to cultivate users into early brand loyalist.

Tumblr allows users:

  1.  Follow other blogs and re-blog.
  2. Browse through different categories of post to discover new content
  3. Share creativity and thoughts with followers

Brands can tell story through text, links, videos and more.

Brands can engage with tumblr community by liking and following blogs of fans to learn more about them.

Since tumblr is viral social network businesses can use tumblr to host company blogs.

Brands can  use the tumblr platform for sales and marketing departs to share photos of new products, infographics and other promotional content.

HR department can use tumblr to highlight company culture to potential job seekers.

Overview: Tumblrs ease of use, viral nature active users base provides business with a powerful publishing platform.




World’s largest video sharing network

Second largest search engine

top 3rd website worldwide

Founded in 2005

Acquired by google in 2005

Youtube has over 100 hr of video uploaded every minute

Videos seen by 1 billion unique visitors each month

Youtube reach more US adults 18-34 year old users than any other cable network.

Youtube is a valuable promotional tool for a small business.

Youtube has the the ability to connect businesses with a enormous audience

Google analytics can track performance of page video views, engagement and demographics.

Youtube can be the effective tool to educate users about products and services by sales teams

Video teasers can generate excitement about upcoming products by marketing teams.

Youtube annotations get users to view more content, increase community education and increase subscribers.

Overview: Youtube can empower viewers and subscribers to promote your brand.




World’s largest professional network

Founded in 2003

Students and recent grads make up linkedin’s fastest growing demographic.

Find colleges, friends, experts and explore new opportunities.

Profile is discoverable through millions of searches done daily.

Linkedin  profile stands as an online resume, expertise and education.

In order to stay competitive you can research individuals and companies.

Users can use premium memberships to expands leads and zero in on people outside your network.

Linkedin company pages allow companies to connect with the largest group of jobseekers, customers and more.

HR teams can use linkedin’s cast network of professional to promote your company  page job opportunities.

Sales reps can engage people in their particular industry.

Marketing teams can create brand awareness on their company pages and encourage customers to endorse their service.

Overview: A linkedin company page is a valuable tool to connect to millions of potential customers, as well as other businesses.



70 million users

Founded in 2010

2.5 million monthly page views

Largest percentage of female users compared to other social network platforms. ( Female demographic

It’s a great place to  target female users for specific products.

Pintrest allows users to organize video & photos in personalized collection known as pinboards.

  1.  Users can create pinboards from design inspirations and favorite products.
  2. Users interact by commenting or liking boards

Brands are empowered to learn about passions of their community.

HR teams can create boards highlighting company culture.

Marketing teams can create boards showcasing new products.

Overview: Pintrest allows users and brands to share things they love creating and form a deeper connection between them.


introduction to social media marketing

reference: hootsuite university.





Optimize your web design skills


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Optimize your front end web development skills with level up tutorials…

Level up has video tutorials in modern web development tools…..

The basic membership is free, the PRO membership cost $ 8.99 a month.

Website:  Level up tutorials



Improve your HTML/CSS/ Javascript

$ 164 for lifetime access

Code Avengers

Website: Code Avengers

Code School

Improve your web development skills with

Code School


Website: code school


Udacity for Nanodegree programs and courses

$ 200 /mo for nano degrees

many courses are free on udacity

Website: udacity

When you finish the program, you will need to learn more skills to land the dream job….
Employers want in most cases a full stack web designer that knows a little about front end/ back end and content management.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.38.14 AM



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PayPal Questionnaire

  1. Explain why Website Payments Standard is:
    1. Fast
    2. Easy
    3. Low Cost

People want to pay a cheaper rate and they want their service fast.

  1. Which are the 4 different methods PayPal can accept?
    Accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, bank account payments, checks
  2. Do you need to have a shopping cart to use PayPal? Name 5 compatible carts with PayPal.

Shopify, Big commerce, 3D cart, Magento, E-junkie

  1. Are applications, set up, or monthly fees required with PayPal?
    There are no monthly fees with paypal, no set up fees either.
  2. With PayPal, do you need to store and protect customers’ sensitive financial information?  No
  3. Is a long-term commitment required with PayPal? No long term commitment
  4. Does every customer require a PayPal account to make payments on your web site? No
  5. Briefly explain what happens after the customer reviews the order in your site and proceeds to check out in PayPal.
    They pay for the service or product at paypal and then they return to your website.
  6. Explain briefly if the PayPal check-out site can match the look and feel of your own site. The paypal can be adjusted to match your theme.
  7. Briefly explain what encryption is and why PayPal encrypts your business and customer information
    Encryption is the process of using a code language to assign different variable to letters, scramble them, and in this way hide your sensitive information from online hackers.PayPal encrypts you and your customers’ information in order to keep PayPal safe and free from fraud cases. This protects everyone.

    What is the PayPal transaction fee? 2.9% + 30 cents for US customers.

  1. What are the three steps to integrate the PayPal Shopping Cart?
    go to your paypal shopping cart pageenter your product details

    copy and paste the html code generated into your website

    Name 5 additional features of the PayPal Shopping Cart.

Easy to implement

No CGI scripting

No upfront cost – you’ll enjoy the same low fee schedule used when you receive other PayPal payments

Paypal maintains buyer records

Customizable buttons

Secure payments

If your client doesn’t’t want to use PayPal, can you explain what other E-Commerce Hosting Services you can offer to him or her?

Google wallet or click to sell… payment gateway services.



1. Compare and contrast each of the sites below.

Shopify was one the better shopping carts of the 6 listed.

It cost $29 /mo

Social media integratabtle: facebook, pintrest

Offers the user the choices of a online store or point of sale store.

Number of products  listed: unlimited

24/ hour support

No transaction fees

Unlimited file storage

You can use any hosting that you want, as well…. I loved shopify


There is no charge to use this cart service and it is paypal integratabtle , as well

Allows the user to make many changes to the design of the cart.

Big Cartel: 

Seems to be marketed towards craftspeople/artist

basic plan cost: $ 9.99/mo

25 products only allowed in their basic plan

no coding required

5 images only allowed per product

Big Commerce:

Basic Plan: $ 29.95

Unlimited products

unlimited hosting

unlimited bandwidth

Accepts credit cards/ paypal

1.5% transaction fee


Free to use

Sell’s templates of carts from $ 124 and up…

Doesn’t require hosting, if you use their cloud.

Mobile responsive

1 Shopping Cart: 

$ 18.95/mo

Unlimited products

1 GB online storage included

Use their  templates or own designs

2. Compare and contrast hosting options available for use with shopping cart software.

Hosting options:  Unlimited hosting on big  commerce, compared to the rest… was a better deal.

3. Discuss shopping cart vulnerabilities and best-practice preventative measures.

Shopping carts are vulnerable to viruses and attacks.

Zen Cart is vulnerable to quite a number of different attacks, and in some circumstances may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the underlying web server with the rights of the httpd process. In addition to remote code execution several different SQL Injection attacks may be possible.

4. What software is needed to install and setup pre-built shopping cart software.

Depends on the shopping cart you use…..

Paypal seems to be the most convenient  pre-built shopping cart software.

5. Pick a shopping cart of your choice and install and configure the program.

I like shopify, but will go with paypal.

1. Describe the differences between Transaction Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

SSL:  Encrypted connection between web server and visitors browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without eavesdropping, data tampering or message forgery.

TLS:  The successor of SSL.  It ensures privacy between communication applications and their users. When, a client and server communicate, TLS  ensures no eavesdropping.

Explain transaction security:  A system for ensuring security of financial transactions over the internet.

What are security and payment processing issues involved in developing a site (e.g., SSL, Digital Certificates, SET Protocol, Cyber Cash)?

The issues are developing a site that consumers feel is secure, no one wants to fall victim to identity theft.  SSL security certificate is critical. SSL certificates prevent cyber criminals from intercepting financial data. They encrypt credit card numbers/ passwords/ log -ins.

Extended validation is considered the best bet, when developing a e-commerce site. It requires a more thorough authentication process.

What is https and htaccess?

htaccess:  A directory level user authorization method. It resides in a directory and indicates which users or groups can be allowed access to files contained in that directory.

https:  Secure version of http, the protocol over which data is sent between the browser and website you are connected to.

How to obtain an SSL certificate and secure transactions?

  1. have a  host with dedicated IP address
  2.  Go to SSL.com and pick a SSL certificate from basic to extended validation
  3. Buy certificate
  4. Install certificate
  5. Update your site using HTTPS

Compare and contrast the appropriateness of employing a merchant account or a payment gateway to handle online transactions. 

Merchant accounts/Payment Processor: hosted by the processing company. After customers submit their payment information, they are sent back to the  e-commerce website.

Payment gateways: Integrate directly within the consumers shopping cart. The transaction is invisible to customers.

Comparison:   Payment processors give merchants a bit of freedom, they don’t have to worry about securing financial transactions. The payment processor takes care of it for them.(ex. paypal or google pay)

Payment gateways requires merchants to obtain a SSL certificate to protect credit cards.

Discuss the process, advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with opening a merchant account.

Paypal is free to set up their basic merchant account. They only charge 2.9% + $0.30 on each transaction. The advantage is it is a secure process, the disadvantage is users have to leave your website to make purchases to the payment processor.

Describe the process, advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with using a payment gateway.

Biggest advantage is the process is invisible to users it is integrated in the shopping cart. Cost are securing a SSL certificate basic or EV. Disadvantage is  you have to worry about credit card user’s security.